• What is Project Management Consultants in Construction?
    Project management consultants is a professional service that uses specialized management techniques to oversee planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling of a construction project from start to finish. In the life cycle of the project, the objective of these professional service is to achieve the predetermined purpose, cost, time and quality by coordinating human and material resources.
  • How is ATTRACK PMC’s process different from others in the industry?
    ATTRACK PMC uses a people-first approach to construction. We put experience, technology and management in any construction project. We strongly believe in "Honesty", which is one of the main pillars of our management process. We are value generators and always look for ways to make the most benefits at every stages for our clients.
  • Can I afford this service?
    There are many factors to consider when thinking for construction pmc companies, which can benefit from comprehensive, competent construction management services for your building project or factory project. A consultation is free and will cost you nothing, regardless of time. The information you receive will help you decide whether professional construction project management services will be useful to you or not. In many situations happened in past projects, where we saved more than our fees. We offered engineering cost-saving options and guided them through the decision-making process.
  • Should I hire my contractor or my architect for construction management too (As a pmc company)?
    By also hiring your contractor or architect as your construction pmc firm, you will now lose an independent, knowledgeable advocate on your behalf to verify the contractor's or architect's works, bills and submittals. All pending work verification, checks, errors etc. are eliminated using them as a pmc for construction. In this situation you have to trust that, they will pursue your interests on your project. Engaging a pmc company to oversee the work of both contractor and architect ensures that you have an independent company for all construction, budget, quality and scheduling issues. This inspection becomes ineffective when architect side or contractor side representatives supervises themselves. A government recognized top pmc company will ensure adherence to plans, specifications, cost and quality, so that the project can be completed according to predetermined cost, time and quality objectives.
  • Can you guide me during the design process?
    As a pmc company, we do advice and suggest the best to match client’s budget. Also, we ensure that, it should be beautiful, it should be attractive, and it should be really-really functional. And above all, it should be as per the client’s requirement.
  • We have never hired project management company before. How can we know what to expect?
    As a competent project management company, we will help you understand the process completely and keep the communication flow, so that you know what is expected to happen next. A specific Preconstruction conference will cover several issues. We will provide you with a detailed schedule, informing you about the various stages of the project along with their dates. Which will further include the deadline of those materials which are to be selected by you. Which will further help you keep ahead from everyone involved in your project, and also to keep the project running smoothly.
  • How do I get started?
    Once you have decided to complete the work and have decided the type and amount of work, and you are ready to proceed, give us a call at +91 9811112843 provide some information via our contact us page or schedule a consultation. It will only take a few minutes.

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