DPIIT RECOGNISED COMPANY (By Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India)|

ATTRACK is a project Management consulting company offering logical and implementing solutions to the clients. It also provides a wide range of project management consulting services. We are the only one project management company in India providing ample number of benefits and services to our clients Nationwide. The fundamental aim of ATTRACK is to add moral to your major construction Projects. Our clients engage the central position for ATTRACK. We focus on adding utility for our client’s right from the initial phase until the completion phase of the project.

Being an owner of your own building or factory is often someone’s hard-earned dream. ATTRACK is an outstanding real estate project management company which serves ample number of projects within the deadline, budget & quality. We aim to magnify the regulation with minimizing the time and cost and maintaining the attribute level of the construction projects. We have the calibre to analyse the project and rectify out the probable risk elements, which may arise in the project. We are capable enough to handle such critical situations and proactively find a resolution immediately by the help of our experts, who are continuously concentrating to give continuous resolution to each and every problem which arises instantly. ATTRACK is real estate Development PMC Company which has fulfilled the promise of constructing variety of fields like Schools, Colleges, Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential flats, Duplex, Houses, Offices and other Commercial Spaces. Having served for several private and commercial clients. ATTRACK has become a trusted real state pmc brand in New Delhi.

Our Highlights


    We want to get a fondness by attaining goals according to client’s objectives with the help of our excellent Project management services.

    We work for our clients in such a way that they stay risk free life away from any other claims. The cost effective quality benchmark, which we set during Pre-construction stage, remains the same as the handover stage.

    Taking care of the environment, community, customers and people are our practice which is one of the integral parts of success in completion of any program of project management. We always conduct training for our employees to deliver quality results for the clients.


ATTRACK’s vision is to become a globally acclaimed company, well capable to deliver projects under constraints with good management skills, latest technology and clarity.


We are committed to discharge all our responsibilities in the same manner that we handle things for family members. In which we also ensure that there is no unnecessary waste of resources. Ethics, integrity, trust are the main pillars during the work. We maintain them and this is our foundation as well.

Our Logo

ATTRACK PMC logo represents as a mark of being `On Track’ for each and every activity which impacts project goals. It specially denotes that irrespective of so many obstacles, ATTRACK PMC has the consistency to complete the project without getting diverted at all .This further means that being on time and budget and also on standard quality parameters. Where every project is full of challenges and risks, it is necessary to keep on monitoring and evaluating those weaknesses, apertures due to which the project could go out of its own track.
History & Philosophy

Quality Work for Project Management & Programe Management Service.